Paul Gosar Reminds His Followers that Russia is Not America’s #1 Threat

It’s amazing how delusional some members of the ruling class are when it comes to identifying who are America’s real enemies.

Since the US embraced a muscular foreign policy well over a century ago, politicians on both sides of the political spectrum are constantly looking for a new foreign “big bad” to get people mad about. These foreign policy obsessions are not only designed to make the military-industrial complex rich and provide make-work jobs to foreign policy wonks (really foreign policy parasites), but it’s also designed to distract from the domestic failures that the DC Swamp has created.

The Russo-Ukrainian war has become a useful tool for Democrats and their Deep State allies to exploit to divert attention away from the dumpster fire taking place at home. 

To his credit, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar saw through the Russia hysteria and gave his Twitter followers a reality check on May 21, 2022: 

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Record crime, record immigration, record costs, record inflation… 

Russia didn’t do this to us. 

Leftists did this to us, and this is their idea of ‘progress’.


Russia is a convenient scapegoat right now, but most of the domestic problems the US is currently facing have been taking place well before Russia became geopolitically relevant. At some point, Americans will have to sober up and recognize that the country’s myriad problems are due to policies its elites have implemented, and not the product of some foreign boogieman. 

Such foreign fearmongering not only shifts the blame away from domestic actors, it creates an environment where a disastrous great power conflict is much more likely.

Liberty conservatives should avoid such petty hysteria and stick to their guns by focusing on domestic affairs such as downsizing the administrative state, limiting the power of central banking, securing our border, among other domestic items. Negligence at home, not perfidious external actors, will be what leads to our undoing if we don’t get serious about taking power and setting an America First agenda.