Polish Parliament Members Condemn Australia’s Lockdown Policies

Last week, a group of members of the Polish parliament stood in front of the Australian Embassy in Warsaw to condemn Australia’s controversial lockdown policies against the Wuhan virus.  The main speaker likened Australia’s Wuhan virus lockdowns and other measures to allegedly stem the spread of the virus to Soviet-era repressive measures and even those present in North Korea.

Having the harrowing experience of being a satellite state of the former Soviet Union, right-wing constituents of Poland know all too well what it’s like to live under a totalitarian system. Hence their resistance to globalist schemes that the European Union tries to impose on them and their hostility to the present set of Australian lockdowns.

One would think a country which occupies 3rd place in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom would at least exercise some form of restraint throughout this pandemic. But if the past year and a half has taught us anything, hysteria is a global phenomenon. Australia, a child of the Anglo-Saxon tradition of ordered liberty, has unfortunately become one of the victims of the Wuhan virus hysteria.

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Poland is one of the few nations with a serious right-wing who gets the big issues — from immigration to the lockdown mania. The level of silence with regards to the Wuhan virus lockdowns from the international community has been deafening. These Polish members of Parliament should be praised for their condemnation of the biosecurity state that Australia has been subjected to.

Hopefully, more countries follow suit in denouncing what amounts to the largest consolidation of state and corporate power in recent memory.

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