POLL: Former Kansas Secretary Of State Kris Kobach Has a Firm Lead in GOP Primary for Kansas Attorney General

Kris Kobach, Kansas’ former Kansas Secretary of State and a proven constitutional conservative, appears to be dominating his statewide race for Kansas Attorney General.

According to a new poll by WPA Intelligence, Kobach is trouncing his Republican rivals by 40 points. Kobach currently enjoys 52% support among Kansas GOP voters. According to John Binder of Breitbart News, his rivals “Tony Mattivi and Kellie Warren take a combined 19 percent while almost 3-in-10 likely Republican voters are undecided.”

Since 2021, the WPA Intelligence poll found that Kobach’s support in the AG race has increased by over 10 points.

Binder noted that “Then, Kobach was still dominating his opponents with a nearly 30-point lead.”

“This polling result reflects what I have been seeing all over the state,” Kobach declared in a statement. “Kansans have had enough of the Biden administration. They want an attorney general who will sue the Biden administration and win in court.”

Kobach built a strong reputation as Kansas Secretary of State from 2011 to 2019, when he used his position to push for some of the strongest voter ID laws in the nation. 

Kobach is a known immigration patriot and a strong proponent of the Second Amendment. He’s one of the few politicians who has won statewide office that blends strong immigration patriotism with liberty conservatism. This is unique on the Right, which tends to hold generic neoconservative or chamber of commerce views. 

Kansas will benefit tremendously from having Kobach as AG. We need to strengthen our states as much as possible by electing proven elected officials and people who will stand up to the Left. All political change starts in municipalities and state legislatures. Before going on grand political treks, let’s get our backyards under control first.