Popular Anti-War Channel Geopolitics and Empire Gets Banned from Paypal

Make no mistake about it, we live in an era of mass censorship. 

From liberty conservatives who talk about the dangers of mass migration to those who rail against the warfare state, many sectors of the Right are now being subjected to deplatforming and debanking, all for challenging the various sacraments of the current managerial order. 

On the point of foreign policy, Paypal and other financial platforms have gone on a censorship spree against anti-war outlets. As Liberty Conservative News previously covered, MintPress News was one of the most prominent victims of the recent wave of financial deplatforming at the hands of Paypal.

But Paypal’s suspension of anti-war dissidents has not stopped there.

Hrvoje Moric, the founder and host of Geopolitics & Empire, announced on April 29 that he was banned from using Paypal.

Paypal sent him the following message: 

On Linkedin, Moric postedThis week a number of podcasters, writers, and journalists were banned from PayPal, including the host of Geopolitics & Empire. Likely at the direction of the U.S. Government. This can loosely be defined as fascist corporatism which is ‘used to suppress political dissent.’”

LCN reached out to Moric for his thoughts on the matter:

Back in December of 2021 I commissioned the costly creation of a new website for Geopolitics & Empire which would include a membership integration allowing me to better finance my fledgling podcasting work. At the time the web developer chose a membership system which included only two payment processors: PayPal and Stripe. I asked if there were further options available because I told him I was expecting to be deplatformed from PayPal and/or Stripe. I believe my request went over their head because they don’t deal with nor understand the nature of the work that people like I do…I assume they thought it was a strange contingency to be preparing for, as they deal with mainstream businesses.

The founder of Geopolitics & Empire added:

Here we are a mere four months later and I have been banned from PayPal just as I had expected. Along with Mintpress and Consortium News. The fact that all of us were taken down in the span of a week, the same week the DHS created a Ministry of Truth…leads me to believe that the “private company” PayPal decided to deplatform us at the behest of the U.S. Government. I consider this fascist corporatism. America is now openly becoming a totalitarian state and this is something I have seen coming for close to two decades, which was one reason I expatriated. And why I have been saying that we once again find ourselves in the 1930s.

These Paypal suspensions are not a coincidence. They’re coming at a time when the Deep State is trying to get the populace behind a hot war against Russia in Ukraine. Right now, the US is waging a proxy war against Russia, but many members of the ruling class want this conflict to go hot. To do that, the establishment needs to shut down all forms of alternative press to realize this unholy mission.

It bears repeating that Big Tech and Big Finance functions as Pinkertons of the Deep State. To keep these institutions in check, liberty conservatives will need to use a combination of competing currencies (precious metals and cryptocurrencies) and prudential use of state power to downsize these corporations and/or change their behaviors. 

The 21st century will be a time that will either make or break the Historic American Nation. It’s up to liberty conservatives and other members of the Dissident Right to rise to the occasion and counter the institutions that labor diligently to dispossess us.