Pro-Second Amendment Groups Protested Gun Control Legislation on Independence Day Weekend

On the morning of July 4, 2020, a group of people gathered to protest Virginia’s new gun laws close to the State Capitol.

According to the organizers of the ally, this event was held to let pro-gun Virginians demonstrate against a numbers of new gun laws that went active on July 1.

The aforementioned gun laws include universal background checks, establishing a one handgun purchase per month law, implementing red flag gun confiscation orders, and granting localities the power to regulate firearms on public property.

This is one of the latest demonstrations in Virginia that has taken place since the state took an anti-gun turn in the last year.

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One of the most notable demonstrations was one that took place in Richmond, Virginia, where 20,000 gun owners came out to protest the state’s new slew of gun control bills.

As of 2019, Guns & Ammo magazine ranked Virginia in 31st place for best states for gun owners.

With these new laws on the books, Old Dominion should fall a few places in these rankings.

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