Rand Paul: Amash ‘Is Against Everything Libertarians Are For’ By Promoting Impeachment

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has been criticizing the investigation into Russian collusion by special counsel Robert Mueller since its inception, and now that it is officially over, Paul is ready to push back against the FISA abuses that underpinned the debacle.

Paul is particularly offended by Mueller’s press conference last week where the veteran FBI spook was unable to produce any evidence but fanned the flames of impeachment on behalf of the Democrats.

“The thing that shocks me is someone like Mueller, who is supposed to be esteemed and has been around decades, completely fundamentally misunderstands our justice system. The burden on the government is to prove that you’re guilty,” Paul said during an interview on the Fox Business Channel.

“No one is proved to be innocent. You’re presumed to be innocent,” Paul added.

Paul addressed his libertarian colleague, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI). Amash is cheering for impeachment despite the fact that Mueller found no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians in his investigation.

“Libertarians like myself for a long time said the intelligence community has too much power. We’re very concerned that the CIA or FBI could be investigating Americans for political purposes. That has long been our complaint,” Paul said.

“I don’t understand a libertarian who would take the investigation and say we should pursue it and impeach the president. It is against everything libertarians are for. We don’t like too much power. We don’t like the secret FISA court going after Americans,” Paul added.

Paul is talking to the President about remedies to ensure that no scandal like this ever happens again.

“I spoke with him last night about how do we try to prevent this from happening to the next president or to the Americans at large? I think the president is open to trying to figure out a way, either legislatively or through executive order, we can try to prevent this abuse of power from happening again,” Paul said.

On this particular issue, Paul makes it clear he stands with Trump against the deep state.

“I’m a supporter of the president, I’m really a supporter of every American whether you’re a Republican donor, Democrat donor, activist politically, you should not be targeted by your government,” Paul said.

“They abused the FISA system which is supposed to be about going after foreign spies, to go after an American campaign. This is a terrible abuse of power and I want to be part of making sure it never happens to anybody again,” Paul concluded.

Amash, on the other hand, is hoping that Congress takes action based upon the invasive, abusive practices of the Mueller probe.

Paul’s steadfast, consistent opposition against the deep state shows that he is the definitive leader of the liberty movement in Washington D.C.