Rand Paul Calls for a Negotiated Ceasefire in the Yemeni Conflict

Senator Rand Paul made the case for non-interventionism in the Yemeni Civil War on Jake Tapper’s show on September 15, 2019.

The Kentucky senator declared, “I think an escalation of the war would be a big mistake.”

The Yemeni Civil War, which has taken place since 2015, has pitted the government of Yemen, which the Saudi Arabian government supports, against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebel faction.

So far, the war is on the verge of claiming the lives of 233,00 people and has no real end in sight. Tensions escalated after Houthi rebels attacked Saudi refineries earlier this weekend. When news of this came out, certain elected officials such as South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham have called for retaliatory attacks on Iranian refineries.

However, America First Senators like Rand Paul believe that there is no need to escalate tensions. After all, Trump was elected on a platform calling for the end of never-ending wars in the Middle East.

Instead, the Kentucky Senator suggested that “The answer is trying to have a negotiated cease-fire and peace in Yemen. And bombing Iran won’t do that.”

Indeed, this looks like a better alternative than what anyone else is suggesting in DC.

Hopefully, President Trump takes Paul’s advice and follows through with it. He does not need to get America embroiled in another endless conflict in the Middle East.