Rand Paul: Pentagon’s $22 Million Lobster-Eating Spree in 2018 is ‘Insult to Taxpayers’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is once again enraged at another report of extreme government waste. With the United States now over $21 trillion in debt and astronomical annual deficits, the Pentagon spent tens of millions on lobster tails alone in 2018.

The findings come from an annual oversight report conducted by OpenTheBooks.com that has uncovered wasteful spending that should be surprising but has sadly become par for the course for our criminally wasteful government owned by globalists. The researchers report that the Pentagon has spent $55 million on lobster over the past four years, using money that could have been spent to assist the troops on lavish dinners instead.

Other findings from the report include a ridiculous $4.6 million spent on lobster tail and crab in Dec. 2018 alone and $97 billion of taxpayer funds spent on a whopping 509,828 contracts, an increase of over 16 percent compared to the previous year.

Foreigners are also cashing out at the expense of the US taxpayer. Federal funds paid out to foreigners account for 6.3 percent ($6.1 billion) of the spending, and 190 countries outside the United States got paid. The nations cashing out the hardest were Afghanistan ($356.3 million), India ($590.2 million), Germany ($535.6 million), Japan ($528.9 million), and Iraq ($271.4 million).

Sen. Paul has stood against this predatory federal system where the many are robbed for the expense of the chosen few since he was duly elected to the chamber back in 2010. He regularly releases a series of comedic tweets poking fun at the fiscal nightmare every holiday season during Festivus, a reference to the popular 90’s sitcom ‘Seinfeld.’

Some of Sen. Paul’s highlights from his past year’s edition included:

While Sen. Paul makes a joke out of the waste to draw attention to it, the situation is far from a laughing matter. The US taxpayer is being robbed by criminal bureaucrats who are living high on the hog. The Founding Fathers would be considering 2nd Amendment solutions if confronted with this level of tyranny.