Rand Paul Played a Major Role in Obstructing John Bolton’s Warmongering

Failed National Security Advisor John Bolton is letting it all out in his new book.

In “The Room Where it Happened: A White House Memoir,” Bolon claims that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was instrumental in preventing him from becoming Secretary of State.

Bolton said that President Donald Trump would have nominated Bolton as Secretary of State if it wasn’t for that “son of a b**** Rand Paul” from Kentucky.

The New York Daily News was able to receive an advance copy of Bolton’s book before its release date on June 23, 2020.

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“I’d love to have you over there,” Trump reportedly told Bolton back in 2018 while debating his decision to fire then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The Louisville Courier Journal reported “ Kentucky’s junior GOP senator was on the president’s mind, Bolton writes in his memoir.”

“That son of a b**** Rand Paul will vote against you,” Trump stated, according to Bolton’s account of the situation.

Paul’s pressure was somewhat successful at the time. Nevertheless, Bolton ended up as Trump’s national security adviser in April 2018.

Bolton also reportedly wrote in his book that after landing his position in the Trump administration, he found out that Paul called his hiring as national security adviser “the worst f***ing decision” Trump made.

Paul has been vocal about his opposition to Bolton due to his foreign policy views. The Kentucky Senator prefers a more non-interventionist approach to foreign policy.

After Trump fired Bolton in September 2019, Paul congratulated the president and declared that “the chances of war go down greatly” with Bolton out of the picture. .

“If nothing else, @realDonaldTrump deserves a gold medal for exposing as disreputable the war caucus led by @AmbJohnBolton,” Paul tweeted on June 17, 2020.“Regime change ‘everywhere’ (the Bolton doctrine) was always a very stupid and dangerous idea.”

.In response to Bolton’s revelations about Paul, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie tweeted, “If, as John Bolton supposedly implies in his book,  @RandPaul convinced @realDonaldTrump not to make John Bolton his Secretary of State, then Rand Paul deserves the Nobel Peace Prize! (and a thank you from POTUS).”

America First advocates dodged a major bullet here. Bolton is a seasoned swamp creature who is fanatically obsessed with regime change and intervention abroad.

Rand Paul has proven his worth as a solid ally of President Trump when it comes to foreign policy restraint.

Without Paul present in the Senate to hold President Trump accountable, neocons would likely have their way with Trump and get the U.S. involved in another foreign policy quagmire.

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