Rand Paul: Russia Probe is Politically Motivated

Senator Rand Paul declared that Robert Mueller’s investigation was “politically motivated” from “the very beginning.”

During an interview on ABC News’ “This Week”, Paul added that the secret court’s approval of surveillance on some members of the Trump campaign is a real “travesty.”

Paul brought up the constitutional issue of using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to green light surveillance on members of the Trump campaign.

The Kentucky Senator stated:

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The primary constitutional issue is whether or not the FISA court, which is supposed to spy on foreigners, which has a lower constitutional standard, can you use them to spy on a presidential campaign or seek information about Americans — that truly is a travesty and unconstitutional, and that’s the root of the problem we should be addressing.

Paul also likened Mueller’s politically motivated prosecution of campaign members to Martha Stewart’s federal conviction for insider trading.

He said, “Most Americans would hate the idea that you’re called in to talk to the FBI and when you’re called in they say, ‘you know, what did you say on the phone to somebody two months ago?’”

The Senator added, “And if you describe that inaccurately, then the government’s … going to say ‘we’re going to put you in jail.’”

Paul emphasized that President Donald Trump was cleared of “any underlying crime” in the Mueller Report, but the issue is still being discussed in Congress.

Paul re-iterated the political motivation behind this report.

I think since the very beginning this all has been politically motivated.

The Senator concluded, “This has degenerated into partisan politics and the best thing we can do at this point is say ‘let’s get on with the country’s business.’” 

Rand Paul has been one of President Trump’s strongest allies in Congress. On top of defending Trump from the Mueller witch hunt, Paul has backed Trump’s withdrawal proposals from Afghanistan and Syria.