Rand Paul Snaps Back At Lindsey Graham After Golfing with President Trump

Senators Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham golfed with President Donald Trump on July 13, 2019.

Fresh off their picture, Rand Paul announced that he had a productive chat with President Trump and Senator Graham.

This discussion centered around the topic of foreign intervention.

Ever the neocon, Lindsey Graham made a point about Trump continuing intervention in the Middle East.

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In his Tweet, Graham said, “Really enjoyed playing golf with President @realDonaldTrump, @RandPauland @sendavidperdue. Reminded President Trump how dumb it was for President Obama to ignore sound military advice by pulling out of Iraq, creating ISIS.”

The South Carolina Senator added, “I am certain President Trump will be much smarter than the last administration.”

However, Rand Paul, one of the staunchest advocates for non-interventionism in the Senate, left his two cents.

He stated, “Proud that @realDonaldTrump and I argued with you against endless wars! @POTUS made it clear to all of us at the table, we are getting out of the Middle East quagmire. We’ve been there too long. Time to bring our troops home.”

Since Trump has gotten into office, Paul stressed the need for a humbler foreign policy. He even filed a bill to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

But the road to non-interventionism will not be easy. Paul and his America First colleagues will have to contend with well-funded interest groups that want to maintain the status quo of nation-building and adventurism.

As long as Senators like Lindsey Graham hold clout, Paul will have his hands full trying to convince Trump to avoid the temptation of military conflict.