Rep. Thomas Massie Wonders Why AIPAC’s Attacks Are Not Considered ‘Foreign Interference’

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) ruffled some feathers by wondering in a social media comment how the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s attacks on his voting record are not considered “foreign interference.”

“Efforts to cut, add conditions, or restrict America’s strong, bipartisan commitment to Israel will only harm America’s national interests,” AIPAC stated in their hit piece against Massie.

“When Israel faced rocket attacks, Thomas Massie voted against Iron Dome,” the hit piece continued, encouraging their supporters to declare that “Thomas Massie does not speak for me.”

This caused the often-sassy Congressman to clap back by saying in a Tweet: “How is THIS not foreign interference in our elections?”

That tweet can be seen here:

Massie also posted a crucial point recently about the reality of foreign aid and how corrupt foreign governments exploit the wasteful spending in Washington D.C. to enrich their illicit power:

The fallout from Massie’s controversial comment about AIPAC caused a mixed reaction across Twitter:


Liberty Conservative News has reported on how Israel is massively subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer with every lawmaker who opposes this continuous bipartisan agenda being attacked mercilessly:

The Biden administration has approved a $735 million dollar weapons deal for the state of Israel, in a move that shows he will not be much different than his predecessor on this issue.

Congress became aware of the sale on May 5, as notes, which was less than one week after they started their latest Gaza bombing campaign. 

A Congressional aide has revealed that the majority of the $735 million deal will be for Boeing-made Joint Direct Attack Munitions. These weapons can transfer unguided bombs into precision-guided munitions, which will then be used to shell Gaza and other targets in the Middle East.

Because of the timing of the deal, the move has rankled some Democrats. The far-left “Squad” is particularly up in arms…

Republicans believe that subsidizing the state of Israel’s defense helps American national security priorities and are celebrating the Biden regime’s decision.

“While recent transactions were not related to current events on the ground, we absolutely should do all that we can to support our ally Israel in the face of ongoing terrorist activities that threaten their security,” said ranking Foreign Relations member James E. Risch (R-ID).

“Under no circumstance should anyone think what is happening over there is anything but Iranian-supported terrorism against Israel. My support for Israel is unwavering in the face of this terrorist activity. I am disappointed that some of my colleagues in Congress would call this enduring partnership into question,” he added.”

Massie has a tremendous amount of courage for mentioning the 8,000 pound gorilla in the room pertaining to American politics. Republicans need to realize that putting Israel first and putting America first are far from one and the same.