Rising Star Nick Freitas Launches Bid for Congress in VA

Virginia delegate Nick Freitas is now running for Congress in Virginia’s 7th district.

Freitas was re-elected on November 5th in a write-in campaign.

“We believe the district is more conservative than how it is being represented,” Freitas said in an interview. “We believe I have the best opportunity to change our representation in the district.”

Freitas’s campaign released a four-minute video titled “Service” where he showcased his service as a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces through his multiple combat deployments in Iraq.

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He also highlighted his family life as a father of three who married his high school sweetheart. Freitas is the son of a young college student who took the pro-life route when she decided to not terminate her unexpected pregnancy.

He will be challenging Democratic incumbent Abigail Spanberger. But first he must beat Republican challengers such as Delegate John McGuire and nonprofit president Tina Ramirez.

Freitas is one of the most influential liberty conservatives in the nation. His national profile has attracted big money from donors such as GOP donor Richard Uihlein of Illinois, founder of a packing supply company, who donated $500,000 to his campaign.

The Virginia delegate is positioning himself as the pro-liberty candidate in Virginia’s 7th district who will reduce the federal government’s influence on American people’s lives.

“We do a much better job when we allow free people to make decisions, maximizing individual opportunity. When we keep the focus on that, protect property rights, civil liberties, and let citizens make their own decisions for their lives,” Freitas boldly declared.

“That’s a message that resonates with people.”

Freitas has defended President Trump’s policies and has criticized Spanberger for her position on the issue of impeachment.

As a representative in a swing district, Spanberger has maintained caution in calling for President Trump’s impeachment from the outset. Then in September, she jumped on the impeachment bandwagon by calling for a congressional investigation into the president which is still ongoing

Freitas was asked about Trump’s policies, which received praise from the Virginia Delegate.

“When I look at regulatory policy, taxes and foreign policy, I think he has accomplished a great deal. The economy is doing well for the vast majority of Americans,” Freitas stated.

“There has been a nonsensical hatred of the president within the Democratic Party, and they’ve designed their whole agenda to overturn the results of the 2016 election.”

Spanberger won her current seat in 2018 by a razor thin margin of 6,784 votes— roughly 2 percentage points.

Freitas first came to office in 2015, representing the 30th House District that spans part of Culpeper County and all of Madison and Orange counties.

The Virginia Delegate made waves in the November elections of this year when his write-in candidacy received 56 percent of the vote.

If elected to Congress, Freitas will join staunch liberty conservatives such as Congressman Thomas Massie and Senator Rand Paul in their fight to limit government.