Ron Paul Explains Why 1913 Was Such a Bad Year for American Freedoms

Throughout history, there are years that are considered as seminal moments of human history. 

From Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World in 1492 to the declaration of Independence in 1776 to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, these years would be filled with some of the greatest moments in history. 

While these are some of the most important years in documented history, there is one year in American history that should forever live in infamy:


Former Congressman Ron Paul is one of the select few public servants who is well read on history and understands why the 20th century was so bad for individual freedom. 

On April 23, 2022, Paul tweeted:

1913…The year that led to today’s economic torture

Both the income tax & The Fed were created that year.

The income tax made everyone’s earnings the property of the government first.

What the government allows people to keep is then relentlessly stolen by The Fed’s inflation.

In a recent episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, former Congressman Ron Paul and his co-host Chris Rossini detailed how devastating that year was. 

Rossini argued that no other year “sticks out” like 1913 “because it was in that year that both the income tax and the Federal Reserve were created.” Under this framework of expansive government,  “Americans’ earnings no longer

belonged to them. They belonged to the government.” As a result, politicians now had much more power and could use tax revenues to fund all manner of largesse. 

Even more insidious was the creation of the Fed. The establishment of a monopoly central bank has facilitated an unprecedented growth in the money supply, which has led to mass inflation and an overall depreciation of the US dollar. 

Paul believes that the “real cause” of the surging prices that are dotting the American economy lies in the debasement of the money. 

In a predictable manner, the political class has found an external scapegoat in Russian leader Vladimir Putin  to blame for these problems. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has indeed created a geopolitical and geoeconomic shockwave. However, America’s economic woes, especially inflation, have been taking place well before this invasion. 

To make progress, we must learn about our history. It will require people to hit the books hard, learn about uncomfortable truths, recognize patterns, and apply their newfound historical knowledge when operating in politics. If liberty conservatives are ignorant about their history, they will wander aimlessly down the abyss of civilizational decline — a path most of the West is content in pursuing. 

It’s time for people to start reading about the true history of the US and acknowledging the many mistakes policymakers made during the past 20th century.