Ron Paul Exposes Neocons’ Latest Plot to Launch America into War

Former Congressman Ron Paul is not letting neoconservatives in the Trump administration off the hook.

In a recent article for the Ron Paul Institute, the former Congressman called out the latest neocon plot to get America mired in another entanglement abroad.

Much noise has been made about the U.S. and Iran’s tense relations since the U.S. scrapped the Iran deal last year.

Ron Paul ridiculed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s complaints of Iran enriching uranium to pre-deal levels noting that the U.S. really has no ground to dictate the terms of a deal that the country is no longer party to.

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This latest outrage came when Iran went past the limit of a 300 kilogram stockpile of low-enriched uranium.

Paul notes what is really going on:

As usual, the media only reported part of the story. One reason Iran went over the limit was that the countries to which Iran was exporting its excess uranium were notified by the US in early May that they would face US sanctions if they continued taking the uranium off Iranian hands.

Neocons quickly screamed that the expansion of the Iranian stockpile of enriched uranium to 3.6 percent was proof that Iran was on the point of launching a nuclear weapon.

The former Congressman completely sees through this ruse. He believes that “they are using the same tactics they used to hoodwink George W. Bush into a multi-trillion dollar war on an Iraq that could not have attacked us if it wanted to.”

The worst part is that the U.S. is maintaining its tough sanctions on Iran that are designed to collapse its economy and starve Iranians.

Paul has noted on multiple occasions that sanctions are a form of soft warfare that will ultimately escalate into a hot conflict.

Unfortunately, the neocons in Trump’s administration don’t get that.

Trump should remind them that he is president and he ultimately calls the shots on foreign policy.

Not only should Trump maintain a hands-off policy when it comes to direct attacks on Iran, he should completely lift sanctions on the country.

Diplomacy should be exercised more in these cases.

The intervention and nation-building of yesteryear only the lines the pockets of defense contractors and creates us more enemies abroad.