Ron Paul Questions the Wuhan Virus “Spike” Narrative

Former congressman Ron Paul believes that “government officials and their allies in the mainstream media have stooped to ridiculous depths to maximize the death count” in their attempts to depict Florida as the epicenter of the “second wave” of the Wuhan virus outbreak.

Paul highlighted one misleading case that the media used to try to advance their second wave narrative:

A television station this weekend looked into two highly unusual Covid deaths among victims in their 20s, and when they asked about co-morbidities they were told one victim had none, because his Covid death came in the form of a fatal motorcycle accident.

The incident Paul alluded to was not isolated.

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He outlined the case of Washington state:

Washington state last week revised its Covid death numbers downward when it was revealed that anyone who passed away for any reason whatsoever who also had coronavirus was listed as a “Covid-19 death” even if the cause of death had nothing to do with Covid-19.

Paul also mentioned the South Carolina case:

In South Carolina, the state health agency admitted that the “spike” in Covid deaths was only the result of delayed reporting of suspected Covid deaths.

The former Texas congressman also pointed out that Houston posted misleading statistics regarding Wuhan virus deaths:

An analysis of reported daily Covid deaths last week compared to actual day-of-death in Houston revealed that the recent “spike” consisted largely of deaths that occurred in April through June. Why delay reporting until now?

Because of this “spike” in Wuhan virus cases in Houston, the Democrat mayor cancelled the Texas Republican Party convention.

Paul understood the bigger picture behind this new narrative, which is being used against the GOP:

Last week in Florida – which is perhaps not coincidentally the location of the Republican Party’s national convention – another scandal emerged when hundreds of Covid test centers reported 100 percent positive results. Obviously this would paint a far grimmer picture of the resurgence of the virus. Orlando Health, for example, reported a positivity rate of 98 percent – a shocking level – but a further investigation revealed a true positivity rate of only 9.4 percent. Those “anomalies” were repeated throughout the state.

In Paul’s view, “cases” are now being used to craft a “second wave” narrative that generally categorizes “any positive test result as a ‘Covid case.’”

Sadly, many Republicans have fallen into the media’s frame and have implemented their own shutdowns.

Paul cited the case of Governor Greg Abbott in Texas:

The same has been true especially in Republican-controlled states in the US in response to the coronavirus. Faced with a virus that has killed about one-third as many people as the normal, seasonal flu virus in 2018, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has endorsed a partial shutdown of the economy resulting in millions tossed into the despair of unemployment. Then he arbitrarily shut down bars because massively increased testing showed more people have been exposed to the virus. And he mandated that people wear face masks. Neither shutting down bars (instead of restaurants or Walmarts) nor forcing people to wear masks will have any effect on the progression of the virus through society.

All in all, the mainstream press is the enemy of the American people. The way it’s able to mold public opinion is shocking and can lead to disastrous decision-making.

Now, more than ever, Americans must use alternative media as a way to filter out the nonsense and provide factual information.

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