Sen. Rand Paul Endorses Rising Liberty Star Nancy Mace for Congress

State representative Nancy Mace has emerged as the front-runner to be the Republican nominee competing for the seat in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional district with an impressive initial fundraising haul, and now she is racking up the endorsements to match.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), the most prominent liberty-minded Republican in Washington D.C., has given Mace his full-throated endorsement.

“Nancy Mace is a leader in the fight for liberty who will stand up for the Constitution and conservative values,” Paul said in his endorsement.

“We need her in Washington and I hope you’ll join me in supporting her campaign,” he added.

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Mace was ecstatic when she made the announcement on social media that she has secured Paul’s endorsement.

She wrote: “Senator Rand Paul has been a constitutional hero of mine for years — and I am honored to have his endorsement! Just like Senator Paul, my political philosophy is driven by a desire to advocate for individual liberty, smaller government and for fiscally conservative policies that balance the budget and reduce the out of control spending we see today. You can count on me to stand alongside him in Washington!”

Mace’s chances to gain the Republican Party nomination are looking strong after she raised $500,000 in under four months running for office:

South Carolina state house representative Nancy Mace (R-Charleston) announced an impressive fundraising haul on Sunday, raising over $500,000 since she started her candidacy in June.

She said: “I’m enormously grateful to the donors large and small who recognize how hard I’ve worked at the State House on behalf of less government, more liberty and free markets – and they know exactly how hard I’ll work on their behalf in Washington D.C.”

The 1st Congressional district was lost in surprising fashion by Republicans in 2018 after Rep. Joe Cunningham defeated state representative Katie Arrington by a narrow margin. Arrington defeated disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford in the GOP primary after receiving an endorsement from President Donald Trump.

Mace believes that she has the record as a legislator and the fundraising chops to defeat the incumbent Democrat in a conservative district that typically puts a Republican into office.

“I am going to build on this solid base of support in the months to come as our front-running campaign picks up even more momentum,” Mace said in her announcement. “This is a Republican district, and if Republicans simply do what we say we are going to do then we are going to win it back next fall.

Mace has a good chance to bring the Congressional seat back to the Republican Party, as there is an appetite in the 1st District for a conservative with a proven record.

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