Sen. Rand Paul Exposes Deep State Spin Following the Release of the IG Report

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is offended by the notion that the Inspector General (IG) report released on Monday clears FBI spook James Comey and other deep state crooks.

Comey has been gloating since the release of the report because the IG report did not claim the FBI was criminally liable for their investigation into President Donald Trump for his suspected Russian collusion.

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However, the IG report did show that the FBI had acted improperly and urged for further investigations into their corrupt actions to determine if they are systemic. Paul places the blame at the feet of Comey, who he calls one of the worst federal bureaucrats in history.

“James Comey will go down in history, one, as being a sanctimonious partisan, but two, as being the guy who really did more to damage to the FBI than anybody else in the history of the FBI including Hoover,” Paul told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Paul is using the extreme FBI malfeasance that was shown in the IG report – which includes 17 major omissions and inaccuracies in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page – to shine light on the evils of the intelligence community.

“People often talk about the Russians being involved in our election, I’m equally alarmed by having the intelligence community interfering in our elections — and deciding winners and losers,” Paul said.

He wants to reform the FISA court system, which is an unconstitutional secret court that has been heavily abused by government bureaucrats since it was put into place.

“I think really what we need to have is a better system where if you want to investigate someone, you have to go to a real court in public and ask for a warrant,” Paul said.

“What we’ve been using are secret warrants. These are FISA warrants, and basically the judges simply rubberstamp them, and I think the idea that our intelligence community would be investigating any campaign – Republican or Democrat – is repugnant and a danger to freedom of speech and a danger to free elections,” he added.

Paul has lobbied President Trump to push for several reforms that would prevent a bureaucratic coup of this magnitude from ever happening again.

“One of the reforms I have is that the FISA database, that no one should be allowed to look into it for an American’s information without getting a warrant from a judge in a real court… I think the President could actually do this by executive order,” he said.

Sen. Paul is doing his father proud in his efforts to push back against the deep state and ensure lasting reforms to protect the liberty of the people.

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