Sony Goes Woke By Endorsing BLM

On October 19, 2020, Sony Corporation endorsed the cause of Black Lives Matter.

Summit News reported that this endorsement “came via Sony Playstation announcing a new BLM theme for the PS4 console.”

“Show your support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement with this new PS4 theme, out now for free at PS Store,” the electronics company tweeted.

It is rather ironic that Black Lives Matter, a group that is virulently anti-capitalist, is receiving an endorsement from one of the most renowned multinational electronics companies in the world. The multinational company is as capitalistic as it gets.

Many of these corporations engage in virtue signaling to receive media attention and get free advertising. But there may also be an ideological component to these endorsements. Many of these company CEOs have largely been socialized through public education and their peer groups to accept the prevailing norms of cultural radicalization. Simply put, the current crop of CEOs are no Andrew Carnegie or John Rockefeller. Say what you want about these two magnates, they still had a residual sense of nationalism and were not working to undermine their country the way many rootless cosmopolitans do these days.

Sony should stick to what it does best. In a highly-politicized environment, this is perhaps too much to ask for. This should also remind liberty conservatives that promoting policies that enrich woke corporations should not be a top priority for their policy agenda. It makes more sense to focus on ending central banking or tearing down regulations that kill small business.

Giving tax cuts to large corporations is a marginal economic improvement at best, and politically, a disaster given how PC major corporations have become. These companies should not receive any more benefits at the moment.