“Squad” Member Rashida Tlaib Wants a Higher Minimum Wage

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib claims that the federal minimum should be hiked to $20 an hour.

In a video published by America Rising, Tlaib said, “Big fights like this one, $15. When we started it, it should have been $15.”

She added, “Now I think it should be $20 … It should be $20 an hour. $18-20 an hour.”

The Michigan Congresswoman justified her push for a higher minimum wage because the cost of “a lot of things” has risen.

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Tlaib has been one of the leading fighters for the “Fight for $15.” In 2018, she was arrested while protesting in support of a national fast food workers walkout calling for a $15 hourly wage.

When she was a candidate, Tlaib said, “These corporations are making billions off of our blood and sweat.”

The congresswoman added, “That’s the most American thing you can do today: to push back, because they are pushing our children into poverty, because we deserve better.”

Increasing the federal minimum wage would have a negative impact on America’s humblest workers. Ironically, many of the so-called “oppressed” minorities that Tlaib represents would likely be the first to be priced out by these policies as businesses either lay off unskilled workers or reduce their hours.

Part of the so-called “Squad”, Tlaib represents the new generation of Democratic Party elected officials who are pushing identity politics and government control at break-neck speeds. After making a major fuzz about the crisis at the border, Tlaib and her cohorts have become targets for President Donald Trump.

Their unhinged behavior and attacks on basic principles of American civic culture has many on the Right worried. And for good reason.

Tlaib’s recent shrieking against Trump is part of a long history of outbursts she has made in recent years. Earlier this week, a video of Tlaib being physically removed from a Trump event has surfaced.

Trump should continue highlighting Tlaib’s behavior and wacky policies. The American people must know what they’re dealing with.

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