Support for Black Lives Matter is Plummeting

Since the death of George Floyd in June 2020,  support Black Lives Matter has dropped precipitously according to a poll by Civiqs.

This is an online survey connected to the progressive blog Daily Kos, so people can’t dismiss these findings as right wing propaganda. According to the poll Civiqs conducted, 44% of respondents indicated that they currently support BLM.

These figures have fallen from the peak of 52% who supported BLM following the death of Floyd in May 2020. 

However, in the same time timeframe, hostility towards BLM has risen dramatically. For example, in the aftermath of Floyd’s death, only 28% of respondents opposed BLM. Though in the latest Civiqs’ poll, only 44% of respondents were in opposition to BLM. 11% neither support nor are against BLM, and 1% are unsure.

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More than half of BLM’s opponents are white. Blacks are the strongest supporters of BLM, with 82% of blacks supporting the movement. 

CivIqs has tracked support for BLM since the middle of 2017.

BLM’s popularity peaked after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in the summer of 2020. However, as Emily Crane of The New York Post noted, “the polling did not find a significant spike in reinforcement for BLM after cop Derek Chauvin was convicted in April this year for killing Floyd.” 

Crane added that “There also wasn’t an increase in support when Wisconsin police shot black man Jacob Blake last year, which sparked the deadly Kenosha riots — which included three shootings for which white teen Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial.”

There’s a clear trend of Americans getting fed up with BLM insanity. The lawlessness and vitriol this organization has promoted in the name of “social justice” is provoking a massive backlash. Americans will only tolerate so much radicalism and disorder before they start calling for some semblance of order.

However, we must start talking about real, structural reforms like dismantling the Civil Rights regime and ending the diversity industrial complex that allows for organizations like BLM to arise and continue clamoring for the managerial state to give them racially-based handouts. 

Not only does Black Lives Matter need to be labeled a terrorist organization, the entire civil rights regime needs to be overwhelmingly reduced. But we have to start somewhere. Calling out BLM’s agenda is a sensible place to start in trying to restrain the excesses of the Civil Rights Revolution.