Sweden’s No-Go Zones are Getting Out of Control

Sweden has been at the epicenter of the migrant crisis in Europe. The Scandinavian has demarcated itself as a hub for multiculturalism in how it has attracted African, Arab, Iranian, Kurdish, and Turkish migrants in the past few decades. This trend has accelerated since the migrant crisis of 2015 that featured heightened degrees of migration from the Middle East.

Digesting a large amount of migrants in such a short period of time has obviously done a number on Sweden. In fact, this past month has been rather violent in Sweden. In a piece for Breitbart News, Chris Tomlinson explained that certain residents of no-go zones in Sweden have likened these ethnic ghettos to the “Wild West”.

When Tomlinson wrote his piece, 70 confirmed shootings had occurred in the county of Stockholm. 19 people died in the aforementioned shootings, a number that is significantly higher than 2020 and 2019.

Shooting deaths have been on the rise in Sweden for the past few decades. As a result, Sweden has become one of the countries in the European Union with the highest number of fatal shootings per capita.

Investigator Klara Hradilova-Selin of the Swedish Crime Prevention Council Brå shared her thoughts about the uptick in shootings: “The increase reported by Sweden cannot be seen anywhere else in Europe. Sweden has moved from the bottom to the top in Europe’s statistics.”

Men between the ages of 20 to 29 tend to be the most involved in the shootings. Per statistics, they predominantly live in no-go “vulnerable areas” and come from migrant backgrounds.

This is the reality of 21st century Sweden, a polity that went from a high-trust, market-based welfare state to a multicultural petri dish that is destined to become fiscally insolvent and culturally corrosive. 

The Wild West analogy (Really, the Old West) is not necessarily apt though. Contrary to popular belief, the Old West, while violent in certain regards, was not as out of control like modern day urban centers. Historians like Roger McGrath have observed that the type of crime that took place in the Old West mostly consisted of duels or attacks that involved willing combatants, and generally spared the civilian population and innocent bystanders. To be sure, there was tons of violence between settlers and Indians. But that was mostly to be expected when dealing with two distinct civilizations — Indians and white settlers — who had conflicting land claims and were ready to throw down.

The crimes we see in American urban centers are fish of a different kettle — knockout games, attacks on the elderly, attacks on the mentally handicapped, and rapes — were stuff unheard of in the times of the Old West. Even criminals in that era had standards and confined most of their activities amongst themselves. 

In fact trying to draw analogies from the 19th century and apply them to the present simply won’t cut it. People will have to admit that in the past, our predecessors had more socially cohesive societies and better practices than we do in the present. 

The mass migration induced crime waves we’re witnessing in the present will not only make the quality of life in western countries much worse but they will fundamentally transform those countries into multicultural hellscapes that will be inhospitable for most people who value the benefits of western civilization — private property, rule of law, order, and liberty.