Taliban Forces Ransack ISIS-K Hideout in Afghanistan, Reportedly Killing Several Islamic Terrorists

The Taliban has killed several Islamic terrorists after ransacking an ISIS-K hideout in Afghanistan, the Associated Press has reported.

Since the U.S.-backed puppet government collapsed in laughable fashion after the failure and abdication in Afghanistan, the Taliban has taken control and gone into battle with ISIS-K, who have targeted Taliban forces with several terror attacks in recent weeks.

ISIS-K recently took credit for an attack that commenced in Jalalabad, the capital of the eastern province of Nangahar. They were also credited with the attack that killed roughly 170 Afghan civilians and 13 U.S. military personnel, causing widespread outrage following Biden’s botched troop withdrawal. 

In response to that attack, the U.S. military released a drone strike that was initially reported as targeting ISIS-K, but instead targeted an aid worker and his family. The humanitarian aid worker died tragically with nine others, including seven of his children who were massacred in the hellfire strikes.

“As many as 10 civilians, including up to 7 children, were tragically killed in that strike. Moreover, we now assess that it is unlikely that the vehicle and those who died were associated with ISIS-K,” said CENTCOM Commander Gen. Frank McKenzie when the Pentagon was forced to admit their culpability in the murder of children.

“This strike was taken in the earnest belief that it would prevent an imminent threat to our forces and the evacuees at the airport, but it was a mistake and I offer my sincere apology,” said McKenzie, adding that he is “fully responsible for this strike and this tragic outcome.”

However, before they were caught, Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called the drone strike “righteous,” and the Biden White House called it “successful.” This shows how the military-industrial complex has no concern with committing any of the most drastic human rights abuses imaginable until they are caught.

Liberty Conservative News reported on how the Afghanistan Papers showed how prominent Department of Defense officials admitted the war effort was lost for many years while deliberately lying to the public to protect their power and prestige:

A report released by the Washington Post on Monday has confirmed the obvious: officials in the deep state and the intelligence community have been deliberately lying to the public about the war in Afghanistan for many years.

Journalists perused 2,000 pages of interviews obtained due to a Freedom of Information Act request. In those documents, they discovered that influential U.S. officials have known that the war was a losing effort for years. These perspectives were largely suppressed to the public so the agenda preferred by the military-industrial complex could continue.

“If the American people knew the magnitude of this dysfunction … 2,400 lives lost. Who will say this was in vain?” said retired Army Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, who advised former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama on Afghanistan policy, in a Feb. 2015 interview.

Bob Crowley, a former counterinsurgency adviser in Afghanistan from 2013 to 2014, noted that the “truth was rarely welcome” within a military bureaucracy that “just wanted to hear good news, so bad news was often stifled.”

“Every data point was altered to present the best picture possible,” Crowley said. “Surveys, for instance, were totally unreliable but reinforced that everything we were doing was right, and we became a self-licking ice cream cone.”

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis confirmed that Pentagon brass and other interventionist officials knew the war was unwinnable, but knowingly perpetrated lies and allowed troops to die needlessly for a lost cause.

“This stuff has been known,” Davis said.

“It was known at all levels,” he added. “They have known from the beginning that the war was unwinnable, but they continued to say the exact opposite.”

“How many more men still have to die before we finally do the right thing?” he asked.”

With all of these facts being on the record, it is no wonder why the people of Afghanistan greeted the Taliban as liberators after U.S. forces threw in the towel. They are taking out ISIS, as President Trump said they would, and the Afghan people are better off for it.