Texas Democrats’ Use of Recent Austin Shooting to Call for a Veto of Constitutional Carry Fails

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Constitutional Carry into law on June 16, 2021. Before this fateful moment, Texas Democrats wanted to derail Constitutional Carry by using a recent mass shooting incident in Austin to urge Abbott to veto Constitutional Carry. The shooting, which took place in Austin’s famous 6th street early in the morning on June 12, witnessed two disputing parties exchanging gunfire. After the smoke cleared, one person was killed while over a dozen people were wounded.

State Representative Vikki Goodwin, whose district encompasses parts of Austin, went on Twitter demanding Abbott to “send a message that we are addressing mass gun violence” by vetoing Constitutional Carry.

The curious part about the two suspects arrested is that they are both juveniles, according to Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms. In other words, they aren’t allowed to legally carry firearms under the previous licensing regime or the present Constitutional Carry order.

Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James Tabb, 17, was arrested on an aggravated assault charge, per a press release from the Austin Police Department. 

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Under Texas law, Tabb is legally considered an adult and his case will be taken up in the adult criminal court system.

A number of anti-Second Amendment Democrats recognize that this shooting had nothing to do with Constitutional Carry and are making attempts to have Abbott place gun control at the forefront of the expected special session agenda.

“When I think of the word ‘tragedy,’ I think of something uncommonly awful. Unfortunately, mass shootings have become so commonplace that tragedy is just a part of the Texas experience at this point,” tweeted State Representative Joe Moody. “A special session is ahead, with another regular session not long after that. I hope we finally take meaningful action to make these tragedies rarer in our state.”

State Senator Sarah Eckhardt urged the Legislature to take “meaningful action.”

“I am angry because the politicians of Texas have failed to keep their constituents safe,” Eckhardt declared in a statement. “Yet the Legislature just spent five months making it easier for violent people to get guns.”

Indeed, Constitutional Carry is a done deal now that Texas is the 21st state to have it on the books. Nevertheless, Democrats will be blaming any mass shooting that takes place in Texas on Constitutional Carry. This ignores the elephant in the living room of anti-policing measures that are sprouting across Texas’ urban centers. Edwards laid this out plainly:

One thing Texas Democrats aren’t talking about? The defunding of the Austin, Texas Police Department. My friend Ed Morrissey pointed out last month that response times to shootings, armed robberies, and other violent crimes in the city are growing longer. And despite claims to the contrary, the department has seen tens of millions of dollars diverted from its budget to other programs.

Democrats don’t care for the truth and they’re ready to conjure up whatever narrative they can to justify their anti-freedom agenda. Gun owners must remain firm against these inevitable attacks and start highlighting the Left’s pro-civilian disarmament and anti-public order lunacy.

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