The Biden Administration’s Open Border Policies are becoming Unpopular with Voters

According to a poll of Texas voters conducted by Quinnipiac, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have sharply plummeted. 

The poll was run from September 24 to 27 and demonstrated that Biden’s immigration ratings dropped to 20% approval, while 71% voiced their disapproval towards Biden’s approach to immigration.

Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas is the chief figure in the Biden administration that has brought negative attention towards its immigration policies. His lackadaisical approach to the recent wave of migrants — numbering roughly 30,000 — has manifested itself with the controversial landing in Del Rio, Texas. 

Neil Munro of Breitbart News noted that “The brutal Quinnipiac ratings are a huge contrast from industry-funded, pro-amnesty, rose-tinted push polls used to promote the pending amnesties in the U.S. Senate.” 

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Munro cited the example of the American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC) and a survey it recently conducted to show that approximately 75% of voters back the amnesty provisions included in the Democrats’ failed budget bill.

This poll is generally designed to urge two Democrat hold outs in the Senate — Arizona Senators Krysten Sinema and Mark Kelly— to vote for amnesty bills in the Senate and other measures that increase immigration. Munro observed that “ABIC was formed by business leaders in healthcare, real estate, construction, and energy.”

Munro also revealed that the ABIC poll was “funded in cooperation with Mark Zuckerberg’s advocacy group for West Coast investors.”

Todd Schulte, the President and Executive Director of, declared “If you look at these polling results, you talk to business leaders, you talk to folks who are directly impacted — DACA recipients in Arizona — it’s an easy call, and I’m quite confident about where both senators are going to end up.” 

This poll was designed to pressure Democrats such as West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, Montana Senator Jon Tester, and Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

However, the Quinnipiac poll demonstrates how unpopular Biden’s open door approach to immigration. 

For a start, 78% of independent voters are against Biden’s border policies, while only 13% support those policies.

Only 26% of Texas Hispanics support Biden’s immigration policies, while an alarming 66% oppose them. 

Similarly, 33% of blacks back Biden’s border measures. 

Even among his party, Biden does not have strong approval when it comes to immigration. Only 52% of Democrats back these policies.

In this poll, 57% support the repatriation of Haitian migrants following their entrance into the country via Del Rio. 52% of Hispanics, 34% of blacks, 61% of women, 54% of independents, and 44% of Democrats support repatriation. 

In total, 32% of Texas voters approve of Biden’s performance, which is a marked decrease from June — when Biden’s approval was at 45%.

.Republicans need to wake up to this growing discontent. It presents a golden opportunity for Republicans to pounce on during the midterms. The populist wing of the GOP needs to move fast and make the case for immigration restriction during a time when people are disillusioned with the DC ruling class’ approach to immigration.

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