The Biden Regime Ships Strategic Oil Reserves to Europe

Post-national polities are marked by post-national policies. Put simply, these types of jurisdictions work hard to serve the interests of foreigners, while Middle Americans are left hanging. 

Just look at the current energy policy the Biden regime is pursuing.  On April 18, Bloomberg News reported that a cargo of crude oil coming from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve left a Texas port on its way to Europe. This is a sign of the chaotic energy market brought about by Western governments’ responses to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Namely, the sanctions and oil embargoes several of these governments are pursuing. 

Thanks to their fanatic commitment to green energy to the detriment of more reliable energy sources such as oil & gas and nuclear energy, European countries have transformed into energy vassals of Russia. As a result, the US government has stepped in to rescue these countries from their bone-headed energy decisions and is now providing them with oil. With crude oil trading above $100, a Bloomberg report noted that “traders and refiners also are trying to cope with a cutoff of Libya’s biggest source of crude and little expansion in U.S. output.” 

Per a person familiar with these developments, a tanker by the name of Advantage Spring loaded low-sulfur crude that was originally pumped from the strategic reserve caverns in Southwest Louisiana at a port in Nederland, Texas earlier in April. 

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The French oil and gas company TotalEnergies SE chartered the ship, which is headed to an important port in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The Biden regime, along with several of its allies and strategic partners, put forward a portion of their strategic reserves for sale to assist European countries dealing with an energy crunch that their anti-non-renewable policies and the rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

This bizarre move caught the attention of Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie. 

He tweeted, “Why is Biden shipping our strategic oil reserves to Europe?!”

Indeed, strategic oil reserves are only supposed to be unlocked during times of an existential crisis. The Russo-Ukrainian war is not one of those types of events.

The American ruling class shows yet again why it’s thoroughly post-national and does not care about the interests of Middle Americans. Again, in the Russo-Ukrainian war, there is no pressing national interest at stake. Europe should not get bailed out for its misguided energy policy-making decisions. 

America already has as many problems as it is and exacerbating the present energy crunch is only going to make things worse. US lawmakers should sober up and start looking inward by pursuing reforms that strengthen America’s energy security and real national defense infrastructure.