The FBI’s Approval Rating is Declining Precipitously

In a new Rasmussen Reports poll, few voters have trust in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In fact, many voters believe the FBI is operating as President Joe Biden’s “personal Gestapo.”

According to the Rasmussen Reports survey, 46% of likely U.S. voters hold a favorable impression of the FBI, which includes 15% who hold a Very Favorable view of the agency. 

This marks a notable decline from May 2020, when 60% of voters held a favorable impression of the FBI.

47% already view the FBI unfavorably, which includes 26% who have a “Very Unfavorable” impression. 

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Roger Stone, one of former President Donald Trump’s advisers, declared there is “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.” 46% of voters agree with Stone’s statement, which includes 29% who “Strongly Agree.” 38% are in disagreement with Stone’s statement, which includes 25% who “Strongly Disagree.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray’s approval has taken a hit. Fewer voters believe that the FBI director is operating as an impartial actor. Only 10% of voters currently say Wray is better than his predecessor James Comey. This represented a decrease from the  13% in May 2020. Furthermore, 25% believe Wray is worse than most of his predecessors as FBI directors. This represents an increase from 2020, when the number stood at 17%. restart

37% believe Wray’s performance as FBI director has stayed roughly the same as the majority of his predecessors. An additional 28% are unsure.

50% of voters are now of the belief that the president influences the FBI director’s decision-making. Only 26% believe Wray operates truly independent of the administration. An additional 25% are unsure. 

This marks a significant shift from May 2017, when 53% believed the FBI director was truly independent and 26% he was influenced by the president.

63% of Democrats have a favorable view of the FBI.  On the other hand, only 38% of Republicans and 35% of unaffiliated voters have a favorable view of the FBI.

57% of Republicans and 56% of unaffiliated voters have an unfavorable view of the FBI. In addition, 30% of Democrats hold similar views.

64% of Republicans agree that there is “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo,” which includes 42% who strongly agree with this statement. 47% of unaffiliated voters and 30% of Democrats are also in agreement with Stone’s quote about “politicized thugs” at the FBI.

The majority of both Republicans (61%) and independent voters (54%) believe the president influences the FBI director. 35% of Democrats hold similar views. 

On the other hand, Democrats (42%) believe the FBI director acts independently of the administration, whereas only 16% of Republicans and 18% of unaffiliated voters agree with this statement. 

Whites (47%), blacks (41%), and other minorities (43%) view the FBI favorably. 

A majority of voters who make $100,000 and higher have a favorable view of the FBI. Lower income and middle class voter segments view the FBI less favorably. 

There’s a clear level of distrust of the FBI and the broader federal law enforcement apparatus. National populists should take note and campaign hard for defunding these bodies. In an ideal world, the FBI and its cousin agencies would be abolished. They’re unconstitutional agencies that infringe on the individual liberties of Americans and present an existential threat to the Dissident Right.

A serious right wing movement would make the gutting of federal law enforcement bodies a legislative priority. The Left needs to be denied as many avenues for power as possible.