The Real Extremists Are In Government According to Ron Paul

Former Republican congressman Ron Paul called out individuals who were eager to “do something” in the wake of mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

Unlike many politicians and commentators,  Paul gets the bigger picture. He recognizes that the calls for government surveillance of “right-wing extremists” for their anti-immigrant views is a “step toward criminalizing those beliefs.” He adds, “If the government gains new powers to treat those with abhorrent beliefs as potential criminals, it will not be long before those powers are used against anyone who challenges the welfare-warfare status quo.”

Paul also draws parallels between the 9/11 era and now.  He noted, “The current use of “right-wing extremism” as a justification for expanding the surveillance state is the mirror image of the use of “Islamo-fascism” to justify the post 9-11 infringements on civil liberties.”

The former congressman acknowledges that there are extreme ideologies who threaten our liberty and safety. However, he believes that the real extremists are “the Republicans and Democrats located in Washington, DC.”  He continues:

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The most obvious example of DC-based violent extremism is the war party propagandists who spread falsehoods to build support for regime change wars. By the time their falsehoods have been exposed, it is too late: America is stuck in another no-win quagmire and the war party has moved on to its next target.

The former Congressman from Texas leaves off with a strong note:

As the welfare-warfare-fiat money system collapses, we will see increased violence. This will result in an increase in police state power. The only way to avoid this fate is for good people to unite and replace the extremist ideologies of the mainstream of both left and right with the ideas of liberty. A good start would be applying “Red Flag” laws to remove neocons from any influence over US foreign policy!

Indeed, the real extremism we face has to do more with government overreach and a desire to completely subvert our constitutional civil liberties. There’s no reason to give it more power to crack down on groups who are essentially politically irrelevant.

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