The Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement is Still Active in Times of a Pandemic

It’s no secret that certain governments exploited the Wuhan Virus crisis to advance gun control.

However, others have not only stayed running, but are taking advantage of this moment to advance pro-gun legislation.

Albany, Oregon is breaking from the norm by floating a resolution that would make the city a Second Amendment safe space.

The Gazette-Times reported:

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The proposed resolution reaffirms rights granted in the U.S. Constitution and cites the federal document as well and comes at the request of Councilor Mike Sykes.

In February, Sykes asked that the city look into creating a sanctuary city designation for gun owners in the same vein that cities around the country have declared themselves sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants.

Citing measures pending in the Oregon Legislature that would hold gun owners responsible when their firearms fall into the wrong hands and give local schools and governments the right to bar individuals with concealed carry permits from entering their buildings, Sykes said Albany should create its own ordinance.

In Bedford, Indiana, County commissioners greenlit a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution.

WBIW broke down what this resolution entailed:

The resolution states that the citizens of Lawrence County have the security of a free state and the right to keep and bear arms and that right shall not be infringed.

The Commissioners have sworn an oath of office that includes the solemn promise “to support the Constitution of this State and of the United States.”

The Commissioners hereby join the citizens of Lawrence County in opposition to any law or regulation that is repugnant to or infringes upon the rights of all citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the State of Indiana including the rights to keep and bear arms.

Americans are becoming increasingly fed up with both their federal and state governments. As a result, they have turned towards sanctuary resolutions to re-assert their rights.

It’s great to see Americans staying active even in times of a global pandemic.

This type of energy will be needed in order to fully restore our God-given rights.

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