The State of New York Halts Permitting Process and Closes Down Remington Factory

The state of New York is starting to discontinue the processing pistol permit.

Bearing Arms reported that 52 of New York’s 62 counties (84 percent) have stopped issuing pistol permits according to a phone survey carried out by 2ANYS.

So far, 38 counties confirmed that they’re ceasing pistol permitting activities for the time being. On the other hand, six counties have stopped keeping track of whether permit applications are being processed and two counties are even directing staff to not process permits. One of the counties admitted that there would be delays in permit processing due to the Wuhan Virus outbreak. Further, five other additional counties have enacted a de facto ban on permits.

.“During a period of crisis when entire law enforcement patrol divisions could be brought down by COVID-19 exposure and 911 response times could grow to an hour or more as a result, government agents are making it impossible for citizens to lawfully defend themselves in the home,” 2ANYS Founder Steve Felano stated.

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Additionally, the state of New York forced the closure of the Remington factory in Ilion, New York, declaring it “non-essential.”

In such trying times, having the Second Amendment preserved is essential.

Sadly, many petty tyrants at all levels of government are taking advantage of a crisis to enact their unconstitutional agenda.

Any self-respecting liberty conservative would reject these blatant power grabs.


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