Thomas Massie Believes Ron DeSantis has been a More Effective Governor than Greg Abbott

Thomas Massie called out Greg Abbott on July 25, 2021 in a tweet where he juxtaposed his handling of the Wuhan virus pandemic to that of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s. 

The Kentucky congressman tweeted “DeSantis > Abbott”.

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DeSantis has stood out for his exemplary handling of the Wuhan virus pandemic, where he did not subject Floridians to a mandatory state of house arrest.

Abbott, on the other hand, huffed and puffed about the Left’s attempts to use the pandemic as a pretext to augment their power, but ended up succumbing to media pressure and put Texas in a light state of lockdown. In effect, urban mayors turned their cities into lockdown fiefdoms that challenged Abbot’s rule, illustrating fecklessness on Abbott’s part against these jurisdictions. 

Abbott has attempted to retcon his Wuhan virus approach, claiming he was always against these lockdowns. The Texas Governor’s reversal on the Wuhan virus lockdowns came about after Abbot’s horrible straw poll showing during the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference. At this event, he received a dismal 0% of votes from conference attendees.

Laying an egg at CPAC forced Abbott to to take tougher stances on issues that Texas conservatives have long clamored for. Not only did Abbott reverse course on his lockdown policies, he finally signed Constitutional Carry into law during the 2021 legislative session.

Similarly, Abbott has taken tougher stances on border security thanks to a primary challenge from his Right, namely, from challengers like Don Huffines and Allen West.

Huffines has already received a major endorsement from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and is generally viewed as the best liberty conservative option in the 2022 election cycle.

It’s safe to say that Massie will likely endorse Huffines due to their shared ideology. After all, Huffines was a previous donor to former Congressman Ron Paul’s presidential runs.

Massie has always been an anti-establishment figure who is very in touch with the grassroots not only in his district but throughout the entire nation.

Even an outsider like Massie can tell that Abbott is a milquetoast leader which shows that lots of conservatives are growing tired of Republicans who talk a big game about lofty principles but turn into total sellouts once in office. We need more politicians who are willing to call out their colleagues for failing to properly represent their constituents’ interests.

Massie can always be counted on to fulfill that role.