Thomas Massie Blasts the January 6 Committee

The American ruling class has lost its mind ever since the January 6 storming of the Capitol. Many politicians and pundits believe that this incident was the equivalent of 9/11 or the attack on Pearl Harbor. As a result, many felt compelled to set up the January 6 committee, which was tasked with investigating the January 6 protests that resulted in several demonstrators storming the Capitol.

Elected officials like Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie see through these schemes and understand what they’re all about: Political theater. 

Originally, Cheri Jacobus, a notorious Never Trumper, tweeted that Democrats should continue pursuing punitive actions against former President Donald Trump via the January 6 Committee. On April 10, 2022, she tweeted, “As a former Republican strategist, I can tell Democrats on the Jan 6 Committee that if they don’t refer Trump for prosecution RIGHT NOW, they deserve the brutal voter backlash they’ll get for justice denied.

Who’s going to tell Democrats that voters want a party with a spine?”

Massie saw Jacobus’ tweet and immediately quote tweeted her.

In his tweet, Massie said, “The Jan 6 committee is pure political theater, convened to influence the next election. Some of them are admitting as much:”


January 6 is a grossly exaggerated event in terms of its overall significance. Sure this storming of the Capitol had its decent share of vandals and trespassers. However, this event was by no means an insurrection. The parasitic ruling class is hyping January 6 to justify a massive power grab against the Right. 

Liberty conservatives should not relent and do everything possible to dispel this bogus narrative about January 6. A sane society should have no problem in telling the difference between an insurrection and a low-grade riot.