Thomas Massie Calls Out Joe Biden’s New Gun Control Announcement 

Despite taking several Ls on passing gun control in Congress, the Biden administration continues to ram gun control down Americans’ gun throats. 

On April 11, 2022,  the Biden administration announced its 5-point assault on the right to bear arms. 

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie sounded off on Biden’s anti-Second Amendment announcements. He tweeted,Joe Biden’s gun control announcement isn’t about stopping crime. He wants the government to have a list of every law abiding American who owns a gun. He also wants to keep a list of names of people who buy replacement parts. And he announced he wants to ban many of these guns.”


Biden’s announcement is an anti-gunner’s wet dream.

First off, Biden announced the codification of the ATF’s unconstitutional prohibition on homemade firearms. This is part of the anti-gun Left’s new fixation with so-called “ghost guns”. 

Secondly, the Biden administration nominated Steve Dettelbach as permanent director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Dettelbach favors Biden’s gun control agenda which includes universal background checks and prohibitions on so-called “Assault Weapons.” Dettelbach was a failed candidate in the race for Ohio Attorney General in 2018.

Thirdly, the Biden administration wants licensed firearms dealers to keep people’s firearm records and hand them over to the federal government. As many Second Amendment proponents know, gun registration is the first step before outright gun confiscation. 

Fourthly, the Biden administration wants to spend more taxpayer dollars to fund anti-Second Amendment bureaucrats. With lavish funding, the ATF will have sufficient resources to carry out Biden’s anti-gun agenda. 

Fifthly, Biden demanded that Congress passes additional gun control measures. So far, pro-Second Amendment forces have stopped Biden’s anti-gun agenda, namely plans to implement an “assault weapons” ban and universal background checks. 

Ideally, the anti-gun Left would be able to pass their pet projects through traditional up-and-down votes in both chambers of Congress. However, there’s a lot of gridlock (a good thing) these days due to Republicans and several Democrats representing pro-gun constituencies who aren’t willing to play ball. 

With people like Thomas Massie in office, passing gun control will not be a walk in the park for Gun Control Inc.