Thomas Massie Doubles Down in His Opposition to the CDC’s Decision to Extend Mask Mandates on Commercial Airlines

One thing that has become clear with regards to the US federal government and several state government responses to the Wuhan virus in the last two years is that unelected medical officials hold too much power. 

On the issue of mask mandates this is most apparent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made sure to lord over millions of Americans by imposing draconian health guidelines over the past two years. 

And now it’s rubbing it in American’s faces after the CDC made an announcement on April 13, 2022 that it would extend the federal mask mandate for planes and trains until May 3.  

The mandate was originally slated for expiration on April 18. The CDC alluded to the rapid spread of an Omicron subvariant, BA.2, as the principal reason for this policy change. 

“In order to assess the potential impact the rise of cases has on severe disease, including hospitalizations and deaths, and health care system capacity, the CDC Order will remain in place at this time,” the CDC stated.

Several prominent airlines have called for the government to repeal the mandate. As for politicians, Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie is having none of this Wuhan virus-related insanity. 

In a tweet that he posted on April 13 in response to the CDC’s annoucement, Massie said, “This is why I am suing @CDCgov. @RandPaul and 16 members of congress have joined this lawsuit. The federal judge assigned to our case gave DOJ until last Friday to respond. We will file our response this Friday. Looking for a national injunction.”


Massie previously filed a lawsuit that would repeal the CDC’s mask mandate for Americans flying in commercial airlines. America has increasingly morphed into a technocratic state where “experts” rule and democratic accountability is cast aside.

Massie’a lawsuit isn’t some cantankerous reactionary gesture. It’s a very valid course of action against a managerial state that is hell-bent on micromanaging people’s lives.

Granting more power to unelected bureaucrats and other actors not subject to democratic accountability will put the US on the path to a Brave New World tyranny. Elected officials like Massie want nothing to do with that. Liberty conservatives should celebrate Massie’s defiance of the Feds. It’s something we desperately need in a time when the managerial state is augmenting its power.