Thomas Massie Exposes the Real Culprit Behind America’s Current Inflationary Crisis

The ruling class is trying to blame Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for every economic problem under the sun. With inflation soaring and shortages emerging throughout the entire economy, Russia has become an easy scapegoat.

President Joe Biden himself calls the rising prices at the pump the “Putin price hike.” However, the economic problems in America are much more structural in nature and have actually preceded Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie knows what’s really behind America’s current economic woes. 

Massie tweeted on April 12, 2022,  “Who’s to blame for #inflation? @POTUS blames Putin. Republicans blame Democrats. The truth is in this graph. On 3/27/2020, Congress passed the biggest spending bill in history, and followed up with more, totaling $7 trillion. I predicted this inflation when I opposed these bills.”


Massie’s Democratic colleagues are trying to divert attention from the fact that America’s economic problems are self-inflicted; they’re not the product of Russia’s military ambitions in Ukraine. On top of this, the Russia scapegoating has an insidious facet to it in how it gets the American populace primed to the idea of getting into a conflict with Russia. 

It’s part of a broader demonization campaign designed to promote irrational levels of Russophobia and lay the groundwork for a potential hot conflict. What we’re seeing since late February is a confluence of economic illiteracy and reckless geopolitical thinking manifest itself in DC. It’s a firm reminder of how deluded most members of the  Swamp  are.

Additionally, big spending is the standard operating procedure in DC. Republicans are just culpable. They’re ultimately Democratic lite in how they support the warfare/welfare state

That makes gadflies like Thomas Massie all the more valuable. In a time of so much uncertainty, individuals like Massie are needed to set the record straight and serve as a voice of reason.

The DC uniparty consensus is dangerous and can lead the US to geopolitical and economic disaster.