Thomas Massie Helps Co-Sponsor Pro-Gun Bill that Helps Medical Marijuana Patients

Liberty conservative Thomas Massie has teamed up with Congressman Alex Mooney to introduce the 2nd Amendment Protection Act. H.R. 2071.

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This bill repeals the current federal prohibition on medical marijuana patients owning firearms or ammunition.

Massie became the first co-sponsor of Mooney’s bill on June 28, 2019.

This represents a new avenue for pro-gun advocates to create issue linkage with drug reformers.

Like gun control, drug policy has seen massive federal micromanagement over the last century.

One of the best ways to reverse this is by teaming up with groups who have been negatively affected by these policies and reversing state encroachments on our rights.

Big League Politics previously reported on a veteran who would have to forfeit his gun rights if he obtains a medical marijuana prescription.

From there, liberty conservatives can make inroads with otherwise skeptical drug reformers about the merits of an armed society.

We can hope that this bill marks the beginning of a new alliance against state control.


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