Thomas Massie Proven Right after Ohio Democrats Received a Wuhan Virus Handout

Congressman Thomas Massie believes that his efforts to demand a roll call vote in the House regarding Wuhan virus aid have been vindicated after a number of groups received money that should never have.

The Kentucky congressman raised awareness about a $333,000 loan that went to the Ohio Democratic Party via the Paycheck Protection Program.  This program was designed to provide direct aid small businesses, not political organizations, to keep workers employed.

“Republican leaders in Congress were so anxious to pass PPP that they conspired with @SpeakerPelosi to prevent a recorded vote. Now we see where the money is going. At least I was able to make them come to DC to pass it,” Massie tweeted, making reference to the March 27 $2.2 trillion economic relief bill. Massie described it as a “cover up” due to lawmakers’ refusal to put the bill before a roll call vote.

The Washington Examiner reported that the Ohio Democratic Party was a recipient of such government relief.

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According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, a campaign finance report revealed that the United States Small Business Administration greenlit a loan on April 30 for $333,867 to the Ohio Democratic Party.

Although the party was able to receive the PPP loan  by May 6, Ohio Democrats slammed the program on May 19, tweeting: “With so many small businesses shut out from receiving PPP loans — while nearly 300 publicly traded companies received more than $1 billion from the program — local governments across Ohio are stepping up to help small businesses, which are often the center of their communities.”

On the other hand, the Ohio Republican Party did not apply for a PPP loan and mentioned this on Twitter. The Ohio GOP compared its chairwoman, Jane Murphy Timken, with her Democratic rival, David Pepper.

“When @OHDems faced a crisis, @DavidPepper asked for a handout while bashing the program out of the other side of his mouth. When @ohiogop faced the same thing, @janeymurph led her organization through hard work and determination,” Ohio GOP Executive Director Rob Secaur highlighted in a tweet.

When the government is tasked with handing out so much money, there is bound to be corruption.

Americans should be blessed that they have elected officials like Thomas Massie who are willing to sound the alarms on fiscal misdeeds.

If more of his colleagues bothered to take up this mantle, our politics would be much saner.

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