Thomas Massie Stands Against Neoconservative Intervention

Thomas Massie is standing strong with President Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy.

After showing restraint on Iran this past Thursday, several Republican congressmen came to the President’s defense.

Thomas Massie was one of them.

The Kentucky congressman applauded the president for resisting the neocons in his administration that are pushing for war.

Massie stated:

Keep resisting the neocons Mr President! The president campaigned in 2016 to end US military entanglements overseas, and referred to the pledge … Thursday. “Look, I said I want to get out of these endless wars, I campaigned on that, I want to get out”

Along with Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, Massie has been one of the strongest America First representatives in Congress.

Not too long ago, Massie took a constitutionalist stance on the issue of the Venezuelan crisis.

After massive foreign policy adventures in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the American populace has grown tired of these never-ending foreign policy escapades.

Massie recognizes this, which is why he has stood with President Trump in trying to get America out of endless conflicts abroad.

However, the battle is far from over as neocon advisors within Trump’s administration are working to undermine him from the shadows.

Trump and the non-interventionist coalition of representatives around him must remain on guard from these subversive schemes.