Thomas Massie Uncovers Congressional Plot to Strengthen Unconstitutional Patriot Act

Thomas Massie continues to be unmatched in his defense of liberty in the U.S. House.

During a time when everyone’s attention is focused on the impeachment drama and other manufactured outrages, Massie exposed Congress’s sneaky plan to extend warrantless data collection provisions of the Patriot Act.

In a tweet, Massie exposed this devious scheme, explaining “Today, while everyone is distracted by impeachment drama, Congress will extend warrantless data collection provisions of the #PatriotAct, by hiding this language on page 25 of the CR that temporarily funds the Govt. To sneak this through, Democrats are suspending the 72 hour rule.”

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The Patriot Act represents one of the most heinous infringements of civil liberties in American history and one of the darkest aspects of the Bush era. For those with short-term memory, the Patriot Act’s passage took place in a time when America witnessed notable expansions of government both abroad and domestically.
Sadly, under Barack Obama, who originally campaigned against the Patriot Act when he ran for the U.S. Senate, this law was renewed. Now, it appears that Democrats are willing to keep the Patriot Act in effect after all of these years.
It has become abundantly clear that neither of the two parties are interested in limiting the size of government and respecting the civil liberties of Americans. Liberty conservatives can at least breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there are a select few elected officials such as Thomas Massie who still believe in the Constitution and fight tooth and nail to reduce the size of D.C.’s influence in our daily lives.
More politicians, especially so-called “limited government” Republicans, should follow in Massie’s footsteps.

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