Thomas Massie Was One of the Few Congressman Who Voted Against a Farcical “Anti-Lynching” Bill

On March 7, 2022, the U.S. Senate passed the Emmett Till Antilynching Act of 2022.  As John Derbyshire of VDARE noted, the bill received unanimous support in the Senate. 

However, there was opposition, albeit at a microscopic level in the U.S. House when they voted on the legislation on February 28. The Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie was one of three congressmen — next to Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde and Texas Congressman Chip Roy — to vote against this bill. 

This is bill would make lynching a federal hate crime. It was passed to resolve the perceived epidemic of lynching taking place across America. However, there is very little evidence of widespread lynching taking place in the United States. In fact, if there is lynching taking place in the U.S., it’s coming in the form of blacks committing hate crimes against whites at alarming rates. That’s something the corporate press won’t be talking about. 

At the end of the day, this “anti-lynching” bill is nothing more than virtue signaling. Lynching is already illegal in virtually every state. If Democrats and their spineless Republican counterparts are serious about stopping real crimes, they’d be urging state and local governments to pass tougher policing measures and laws that punish real criminals. “Anti-lynching” bills are nothing but fluff that’s designed to stoke racial tensions in America. 

Thomas Massie again showed why he is one of the best members of Congress when it comes to promoting liberty conservative values. He is not afraid to go against the political establishment and be an independent thinker. The Right needs more daring voices who will stand up against the anti-white administrative state that seeks to dispossess legacy Americans.

Thomas Massie is one of the few representatives that has answered this call.