Trump Administration Proposes Cutting $4.3 Billion in Foreign Aid, Targeting the United Nations

President Donald Trump wants to eliminate more than $4 billion in foreign aid, including large cuts to the globalists at the United Nations (UN), as apart of a new rescission plan he intends to submit to Congress this week.

Politico is reporting that the Trump administration wants to cut $2.3 billion from USAID and $2 billion toward the state department. These are preliminary numbers and subject to change, but the willingness to cut shows that the administration is aware of the futility of foreign aid.

These proposed cuts would deny $787 million toward the UN for supposed international peacekeeping activities. Another $522 million in core funding for the UN would be axed as well while an additional $364 million would be cut from a variety of UN humanitarian programs. This would be a massive rebuke from the subversive international body that relies on U.S. funding to exist.

Congressional Democrats are already fuming about the proposal.

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“The funds were appropriated by overwhelming bipartisan majorities and the lengthy negotiations between the House, the Senate, the White House,” Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) said during a phone interview this week.

“And they were signed into law by the president. So cuts to foreign aid have repeatedly been rejected on a bipartisan basis. And I do believe that there’s bipartisan, widespread understanding that these funds are essential for U.S. global leadership and protecting the security of the American people,” Lowey added.

The special interest groups that directly benefit from federal spending toward globalist projects are up in arms as well.

“They’d be sabotaging these missions and ensuring untold suffering for millions of innocent civilians who rely on the missions for protection,” said Jordie Hannum, who serves as executive director of the Better World Campaign.

“If we cut funds for U.N. Peacekeeping missions around the world, our country will be less safe. This is a direct threat to U.S. national security,“ Hannum added.

“Failing to obligate existing appropriations not only creates the false appearance that these are somehow excessive funds while ongoing development work remains underfunded, it also ignores the fact that ongoing programs — implemented at the behest of federal government — need to be paid for,” said David Berteau, the president and CEO of the Professional Services Council.

“Rescinding funds rather than using them would also undermine Congressional intent and direction in the FY19 appropriations legislation,” he added.

Once the proposal is formally submitted to Congress, the funds are frozen and Congress has 45 days to accept the rescission package. Because the funding is set to expire on Sept. 30, submitting the proposal will likely be enough to cancel the foreign aid.

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