Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Congress With a Bang

Although Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard will be retiring from Congress, she has been on a tear in the last month. 

Gabbard has been one of the most reasonable Democrats in the Trump era and a sober voice for foreign policy restraint. She’s also not a political hack and is willing to work across the aisle with Republicans on populist issues. 

First, she teamed up with America First nationalist congresswoman Paul Gosar to strip Big Tech of its Section 230 immunities, which allows them to behave like publishers, while censoring users who dare to question the corporate media’s narrative.

She tweeted on December 9, 2020, “Today I introduced the Break Up Big Tech Act with @RepGosar to remove #Sec230 immunity for tech companies who act like publishers, censoring and manipulating users, treating us and our attention like products to make their billion”


The Hawaii Congresswoman also stood up against civil liberties violations such as the Patriot Act. She partnered with Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie to sponsor HR 8970 (Protect Our Civil Liberties Act) that would repeal the Patriot Act and put a stop to illegal government surveillance.Gabbard tweeted on December , 2020  “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” -Ben Franklin
@RepThomasMassie & I intro’d ‘Protect Our Civil Liberties Act’ (HR8970) to repeal the so-called Patriot Act & end illegal government surveillance.”

On top of that, Gabbard said that the original stimulus bill with $600 billion in stimulus checks was a slap in the face to American voters. She noted that this bill was a sweetheart deal for the big corporations, foreign nations, and the military-industrial complex.

Gabbard represented Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District from the 113th to the 116th Congress. 

The congresswoman should enjoy her retirement. If she decides to go back to politics, Gabbard should move to a solid red state and run as a Republican. Her views are more in line with the populist GOP and she could really shake things up. The modern-day Democrat Party is a political coalition of corporate oligarchs, race hustlers, and never-ending war boosters. Gabbard, frankly, does not fit with such a company of lunatics.

Best of luck to Gabbard now that she will be out of politics. She did a fantastic job representing Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District and should be remembered for both her military service and willingness to be an independent voice in Congress.