Tulsi Gabbard Makes an Appeal to New Hampshire Libertarians on ‘Ron Paul Liberty Report’

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) appeared on the “Ron Paul Liberty Report” on Friday to make her appeal to New Hampshire libertarians as to why they should support her candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination in the upcoming New Hampshire primary.

“I think we’re seeking the same thing. We are seeking independence and truth which is hard to find these days,” Paul said to Gabbard, who nodded her head in agreement.

Gabbard explained to Paul how the fake news media is out to censor her campaign and keep her from reaching voters in New Hampshire with her anti-war message.

“It’s unfortunate that we are in a place now, you know, CNN hosted two evenings of town halls for many of the candidates running for president including those who are polling lower than I am here in New Hampshire who have spent very little time here in New Hampshire, but for whatever reason chose to exclude me,” she said to Paul.

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“And this is something I am hearing lots of frustration about from New Hampshire voters is that they are not being given the opportunity to hear the voice, the message that I bring to make sure that voters can make that most informed decision, a voice that is, as you were saying, focused on the truth, focused on challenging this cross-partisan establishment in Washington made up of the powerful elite that is just leaving the American people behind,” Gabbard said.

Despite the black out from the corporate establishment media, Gabbard is still campaigning hard throughout New Hampshire holding daily town halls and reaching voters throughout the influential state.

“In every one of my town halls without exception, we have Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, people who voted for you, Ron, people who voted for Bernie, voted for Hillary, people who voted for Trump coming together,” she explained.

Paul expressed enthusiasm with Gabbard’s strong campaign message of never bowing to the foreign policy establishment and powerful elite. He also talked up her bona fides of serving in the military. He noted that they have received similar push-back and similar insults from the powers-that-be in Washington D.C. for taking principled non-interventionist stances regarding foreign policy.

Paul’s co-host Daniel McAdams noted the strong support Gabbard is receiving from libertarians in New Hampshire, home of the free state project with many dedicated libertarian activists.

“What are you hearing from libertarians? How are they accepting you knowing that there are areas where we may not agree completely?” McAdams said.

Gabbard told her that libertarians in the state are often concerned about the issues of foreign policy and standing up to the military-industrial complex and bipartisan War Party in Washington D.C.

“I’m not going in on day one as commander-in-chief and looking to these traditional foreign policy establishment influencers for their direction. I’m coming in with very clear eyes about what must be done and having the strength and the courage to do so,” she explained.

She also noted that her policy platform appeals to libertarians concerned with protecting civil liberties and privacy rights from government overreach.

“I believe very much in our country’s constitution, and how we’ve got to come together, recognize that we treat each other with respect as fellow Americans firmly rooted in the bedrock of our Constitution, lays down the pathway for us to see how we heal this terribly divided country and bring about the government that our founders envisioned for us,” Gabbard said, noting that she co-founded the bipartisan 4th Amendment caucus.

The entire interview can be viewed here:

The New Hampshire Democrat Party primary will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 11.

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