Tulsi Gabbard Speaks Out Against Divisive Left-Wing Racial Politics: ‘We are All Children of God’

Former U.S. House Representative of Hawaii and Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is speaking out against divisive left-wing racial politics.

In a recent video, Gabbard made it known that “we are all children of God” in comment that really might trigger some deranged leftists at war with the entire concept of faith.

“My dear friends, my fellow Americans, please, please let us stop the racialization of everyone and everything – racialism. We’re all children of God and are therefore family in the truest sense,” Gabbard said in a video posted on social media.

“No matter our race or ethnicity, this is Aloha and this is what our country and the world need. The mainstream propaganda media and politicians, they want us to constantly focus on our skin color and the skin color of others because it helps them politically or financially,” she continued.

“Aloha means respect and love for others. It’s what enables us to see beyond our skin color and see the soul, the person with them. So let’s do our best to cultivate this Aloha in our hearts and see and treat others through this prism of love, not through the prism of race and ethnicity. Please let us not allow ourselves to be led down this dark and divisive path of racialism and hate,” Gabbard concluded.

Her full comments have been seen here:

Liberty Conservative News has reported on Gabbard’s emergence as an enemy of fake news propaganda after becoming a Democrat pariah for opposing war and jingoism:

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii has signed a “statement of concern” with other antiwar leaders on a report released by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) with regards to Syria.

Gabbard was skewered by the War Party for years because she contradicted propaganda meant to compel the U.S. into another endless war with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Time has proven her instincts to be correct, and she refuses to drop the issue even though she has left the U.S. House…

Gabbard recently appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss why she signed onto the letter.

“It’s very clear now as time has gone on that there was a cover-up, and why was there a cover-up? It became very clear that this OPCW report, this final report, was tailored before it was actually released in order to provide cover for that unconstitutional military strike that the U.S. launched against Syria in April of 2018,” she told Carlson.

“And really, what’s at stake here is the credibility of this international organization, the OPCW, that people are supposed to be able to trust to be a neutral entity, to provide objective facts based on what their investigators have found on the ground, and it’s very clear that this did not happen in this instance,” Gabbard added.

Gabbard is advocating for a non-interventionist foreign policy in the same vein as former Texas Congressman Ron Paul but only coming from the Left. She is a voice of reason in a dysfunctional political system that desperately needs it.

When Gabbard returns to politics, it will not likely be in the Democrat Party. She is far too sane of a liberal to make it in that deranged freak show of a political organization.