U.S. Military Admits Civilians Were Likely Murdered in Recent Hellfire Drone Strikes Over Syria

The U.S. military is admitting that civilians may have been killed during hellfire drone strikes over Syria that were meant to stop Al-Qaeda terrorists.

“We abhor the loss of innocent life and take all possible measures to prevent them,” said Navy Capt. Bill Urban, who serves as CENTCOM’s chief spokesman, in a statement about the Dec. 3 attack on Syria by an “Reaper” drone. 

“The possibility of a civilian casualty was immediately self-reported to U.S. Central Command. We are initiating a full investigation of the allegations and will release the results when appropriate,” he added.

An investigation is being conducted in Tampa, Fla. by CENTCOM, which will ultimately result in no changes. The military will, as always, investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong. They won’t even release the name of the Al-Qaeda leader who they were allegedly targeting with their hellfire missiles.

“To protect intelligence sources and potential follow-on operations, we cannot release the target’s name at this time,” said Lt. Col. Karen Roxberry, a CENTCOM spokesperson, in a response to the Military Times.

“We are in the immediate aftermath of the event and still conducting a thorough assessment,” she added. “We know of the potential for civilian casualties based on the self-report, but do not want to speculate. We are taking this matter seriously and will ensure that there is a comprehensive investigation.”

Liberty Conservative News has reported on how the Biden regime is continuing an interventionist foreign policy that has failed for decades:

“Despite the neocon outcries in the aftermath of Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, the US remains the global superpower in terms of its military presence abroad. When compared to its peers in the U.N. Security Council, the US is leaps and bounds ahead of them when it comes to its military footprint. 

Statista’s Katharina Buchholz provided an overview of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council’s permanent military presence abroad in the form of the following graphic illustrations: 

Despite the constant fear-mongering about China from certain hawks in the American international relations space, China has the smallest overseas presence among its peers in the U.N. Security Council. China’s base in Djibouti is its most high profile military installation, where it has an army support base. Buchholz also observed that China “has a small unofficial presence in Tajikistan, close to the Afghanistan border, as well as an interception facility on an island belonging to Myanmar.” 

Indeed, China is an emerging power that has aspirations of securing its interests abroad. So it will make moves to expand its military footprint to secure shipping lanes and protect its supply chains. Currently, China is making moves to set up new military bases in Cambodia, Tanzania, and the United Arab Emirates, along with Kiribati, which Buchholz noted “lies within striking distance of Hawaii.”

The U.S. is causing blowback by murdering innocents in the Middle East, which will result in more terrorism. This is all fine for the defense contractors in league with the military-industrial complex as their profits will continue to soar while Americans are made less safe.