UNIPARTY: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama Collude to Bring in Afghan Refugees by the Thousands

A globalist, shadow triumvirate is working to promote Afghan refugee resettlement.

Former presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama have teamed up to support a group that is facilitating the resettlement of refugees from Afghanistan after the U.S. made its bungled withdrawal in late August.

The former presidents and their wives will form part of Welcome.US. This is a consortium of interest groups, U.S. businesses and other leaders dedicated to resettling Afghan refugees.

The group was launched on September 14, 2021. The website will feature a a “single point of entry” that will make it easier for Americans to make donations, host refugee families at Airbnb, or find other ways to assist refugees, according to an announcement by John Bridgeland, the former Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council under the Bush administration and co-chair of this resettlement venture.

Ah the moment, thousands of Afghan migrants have already made their way to the U.S. “Thousands of Afghans stood with us on the front lines to push for a safer world, and now they need our help,” Bush and his wife Laura declared in a statement.

The organizers claimed that there has been effusive bipartisan support for Afghan refugees, citing Republican and Democratic governors’ backing of this effort. Numerous state and local leaders have come out in favor of resettling refugees in their communities. Nevertheless, immigration remains a hot-button issue. 

We shouldn’t forget that under former President Donald Trump’s watch, refugee admissions were significantly reduced. This infuriated the open borders Left. They want non-stop migrant flows. So far, Biden has followed through with his campaign promise to increase the amount of refugees accepted in America. 

Immigration is the defining issue of our time and it’s what unites the managerial regime. That’s why any liberty conservative worth their salt should oppose mass migration. In addition, increased migration augments the power of the managerial state in how it perpetuates the diversity industrial complex and grievance group bureaucracy that comes with it. More migration means more government sinecures, quotas, and bureaucrats to manage grievance group affairs.

On top of that, mass migration creates an electoral pipeline for Democrats to tap into. Increased immigration is bad all around for conservatives. That’s why passing an immigration moratorium is a necessity at this point in the game. The Republican Party’s existence as a viable political entity ultimately depends on cutting off this pipeline once and for all.

Hopefully, Republicans get the message and start getting serious about passing immigration restriction legislation.