Virginia Bill Seeks to Disarm Teenagers who Heroically Use Guns in Self-Defense

Lone Star Gun Rights reported on Virginia Democrats’ newest plan to criminalize children’s usage of firearms in home defense.

After Democrats achieved a trifecta in the state government in 2019, gun control will most certainly be at the top of their big government agenda. The usual legislation being pursued consists of universal background checks and so-called “assault weapons” bans. Additionally, a new angle is being pursued — age restrictions on firearms access.

State Senator Dick Saslaw’s SB 18 makes it a class 1 misdemeanor to let a child use firearms, unless “under parental supervision.” In other words, the child cannot use a gun when a parent is not present, even if the child’s life was in danger.

Contrary to popular belief, there are examples of children using weapons against intruders when their parents are not present. Under SB 18, these acts of heroism will be eliminated and parents risk the potential of misdemeanor charges if they allow their children to defend themselves with firearms. If passed, this bill will force parents to decide between risking criminal charges or gambling with their children’s lives.

Elections have consequences and now Virginia could be in a for a rude, anti-gun awakening.

It currently sits at 31st place in Guns & Ammo magazine’s Best States for Gun Owners rankings.

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Should this bill pass alongside others, Virginia will continue to slip in the ranks and validate its status as an anti-gun state.

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