Why is Tulsi Gabbard Part of the Globalist Council On Foreign Relations?

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a Democratic presidential contender for 2020, has been gaining steam among non-interventionist right-wingers and libertarians in recent weeks as she stands against US-backed war crimes in Yemen.

Even the Godfather of liberty, Dr. Ron Paul, has given her an endorsement of sorts:

But the good doctor’s kind words may have been delivered hastily, as an examination of the Council on Foreign Relations’ membership roster shows Tulsi Gabbard among the globalist elite making up their ranks.

Although Gabbard is among the 5,000 individuals listed as CFR members, she has received sharp criticism in the organization’s profile of her presidential campaign.

The CFR’s profile of Gabbard stated: “Evan Hill criticized Gabbard’s foreign policy views in The Nation. He concluded that ‘Gabbard’s heterodox views and military service could yet animate a significant number of voters and shift the debate, but not for the better: Taken together, Gabbard’s positions represent almost everything a left foreign policy should avoid.’”

Economics reporter Robert Wenzel, who initially brought attention to Tulsi’s CFR bona fides at his blog Target Liberty, explains how the elite globalist organization works to peddle influence among its members.

“The establishment runs on a sort of Leninist hierarchy structure. There are lower-level organizations that are somehow influencer types and higher-level organizations which are very limited in member numbers but very powerful,” Wenzel said.

“The CFR has 5,000 plus members so it is not very high up on the hierarchy. It is not a populist organization designed to recruit the masses but at 5,000 it is a lower level influencer group where the establishment thinks it can use an individual member on a specific topic if necessary,” he added.

While Wenzel may downplay the CFR’s influence, Dr. Ron Paul once warned about the CFR on the debate stage – fighting through the snickers and jeers from his globalist opponents – in 2007 while running for President:

The late libertarian documentarian Aaron Russo exposed the sinister globalist agenda behind the CFR shortly before his untimely death:

Could Mrs. Gabbard have joined the CFR out of naivety, or is there more than meets the eye with her populist, anti-war presidential run?

Advertising herself as the most non-interventionist presidential candidate since Ron Paul, Tulsi’s deep globalist connections indicate that she could be a controlled opposition.