WINNING: Texas Legalizes Brass Knuckles

On May 25, 2019 Texas Governor Greg Abbot signed HB 446, a bill that removes bans on brass knuckles, tomahawks, and other self-defense items.

This law was authored by Democratic State Representative Joe Moody after he read about an incident of a female being arrested for simply possessing a self-defense keychain that falls under the legal category of Knuckles.

Moody declared that this bill was “another step” towards getting rid of “antiquated laws regarding weapons.”

The State Representative added, We did it with switchblades. We did it with knives and now with knuckles.”

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Moody concluded, Hopefully, now, with this on the way to the governor, we can ensure these types of laws aren’t being used inappropriately to go after folks who have legitimate tools of self defense.

Although the 2019 legislative session has been disappointing for pro-gun activists, the passage of this bill represents a small, moral victory for self-defense advocates. Pro-gun activists will have to regroup for the 2020 elections and be prepared to make Constitutional Carry the #1 priority then.

Thankfully, they will have new help from Young Americans for Liberty, who is planning to move their headquarters to Austin, Texas. This will give the Second Amendment a much-needed boost in the Lone Star State.

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