World Economic Forum Pushes for Anti-Racism Initiatives at Universities

In early September, the World Economic Forum published an article claiming that universities “re-educate the racists among us” to end “racism on university campuses.”

“Fighting racism demands confrontation at all levels on college campuses by uprooting racist institutional designs inherent in campus-wide admissions systems, recruitment, scholarships, cultures, and histories,” researchers from the KAIST-Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution wrote. 

For those unaware, the World Economic Forum is an international non-profit organization that pushes for globalist policies such as the “Great Reset” — a plan to “reform” capitalism by establishing a global technocracy. 

The WEF is notorious for having governments and corporations working together to push its ambitious plans to re-engineer societies worldwide along their globalist vision. The WEF has used the current Wuhan virus pandemic as a way to promote its ambitious agenda and is constantly advocating for a fundamental restructuring of the current economic system.

On top of that, the WEF is clearly embracing the prevailing woke agenda. In the aforementioned article, the WEF authors are calling on universities to “support affected minorities at various levels” by “educating people to eradicate their hate” through the use of mandatory diversity training.

In order to “correct” the underrepresentation of certain minority groups in university student bodies and faculties, the WEF authors pressed for a “diversity barometer” that can “track such progress and hold university leadership accountable” by using periodical reviews.

Ultimately, the Great Reset and anti-white hate agenda are joined at the hip. These causes have overlapping oligarchs promoting them. These plutocrats hate historic nations and look for every way possible to destabilize the current nation-state system. We should remember that none of the emerging trends in politics and economics are organic. They’re the product of oligarchs who use crises as pretexts to impose their vision on the rest of us.

Liberty conservatives must recognize this and prepare themselves to confront these rootless social engineers. The present-day ruling class wants to erase the Historic American Nation and they will use “anti-racism” and critical race theory initiatives (really, anti-white hate schemes) to achieve their globalist vision. Hence, the WEF latching on to the ant-white hysteria.

One of the most pragmatic ways to stop this madness is for liberty conservatives to push for defunding universities and other educational institutions that are dominated by the cultural Left.